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Speaking at ITdays 2019

silviun/ November 13, 2019/ Public Speaking/ 0 comments

Yesterday I delivered a session at ITdays Cluj-Napoca, a premium conference focused on Innovation, Programming, and Technology. The title of my session was: “Leverage cloud AI services to modernize existing apps and empower innovative scenarios“. The synopsis: “In this demo-heavy session, you will learn how you as a developer can get started building AI capabilities into your existing software systems

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Speaking at ApexVox 2.0 – Fall 2019

silviun/ November 8, 2019/ Public Speaking/ 0 comments

The Chinese have a saying: good things come in pairs. I guess the saying also applies to technology conferences. For the 2nd time this year, I had the opportunity to speak at ApexVox, a local developer community event focusing mostly on Microsoft developer technology, Azure and the .Net stack. I was very impressed by the large number of foreign speakers

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