Organizing Global AI Nights – Cluj-Napoca, September 2019

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This past Thursday, the UiPath Cluj Campus played host to the local edition of a worldwide event called Global AI Nights, a free evening event organized by 94 communities all over the world that are passionate about Artificial Intelligence on the Microsoft Azure. The Cluj-Napoca edition features 2 workshops, one held by myself, and the other held by a fellow

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Speaking at ITCamp 2019

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I just finished delivering my talk “Supercharge your AI efforts with the use of Automated Machine Learning”. As always, ITCamp is a superbly organized event, with great speakers, awesome logistics and very inquisitive attendees. This year I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of the questions I received. They really kept me on my toes 🙂 At any rate,

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Speaking at ApexVox in Cluj-Napoca

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This Saturday I will be delivering a session at a brand new developer conference in Cluj-Napoca, focusing on the local .Net developer community. I am thrilled to be part of the inaugural edition of a new developer conference that I hope will become a fixture in the technical event calendar. LE: The deck I used for my session is available

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Speaking at Cluj CodeCamp – Fall 2018

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Earlier today I delivered a session about AI PaaS (aka Cognitive Services) in Cluj-Napoca at the fall edition of CodeCamp. I had a packed room and received a large number of questions. The candy incentives may have had something to do with that 🙂 The deck I used during my session is embedded below:

Speaking at ISTA Conference 2018 – Sofia BG

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In mid-November, I had the chance to return to Sofia to deliver a session on chatbots for the enterprise at ISTA Conference. The deck I used during my session is embedded below: The stage was just as impressive and intimidating as it was in 2016:

Speaking at Dev# Gdansk – Fall 2018

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Last week I had the chance to deliver a talk at Dev#, a single-track developer conference organized in Gdansk, Poland.  There were roughly 250 IT professionals in attendance. The venue was quite interesting, as it was an old building converted into a cultural events hall/microbrewery combo.  At the end of the event the attendees had the chance to sample the

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Speaking at CodeCamp Cluj – Spring 2018

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Earlier today I delivered a presentation titled: Build your stairway to ML and eventually AI – Or how machine learning will accelerate the road to AI as it penetrates enterprise functions and it disrupts entire industries. This is an updated version of the “Machine Learning for mere mortals” session I’ve done in the past at other events. As always, I found CodeCamp

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Speaking at DevConf Poland

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In September of this year, I had the opportunity to attend and to speak at DevConf in Krakow, Poland. It was one of the best events I’ve had a chance to be involved in. The conference logistics were very well organized and thought out, I had lots of opportunities to interact and network with fellow attendees, my fellow speakers, and

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Speaking at ITDevConnect 2017

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This fall I had the opportunity of speaking at a micro-conference organized by the awesome folks at ADECS called ITDevConnect. I was sandwiched in between two hard-core code-heavy sessions about SQL server 2017 and .Net Core 2.0. I did get the feeling though that my session on Machine Learning was well-received and at least a few of the folks that

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CodeCamp Suceava Participation

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This past Saturday I spoke at the first ever edition of the CodeCamp community event in Suceava. I delivered my Machine Learning session to a group of 50 or so attendees. My slide deck can be found below: